Brian Wolf

When Marconi flipped the switch, little did he know that actually invented the very first time machine; because that’s what radio is. Through the power of radio, Brian Wolf can take you to any moment in your life with the right song (girl you know it’s true!). Some may say that video killed the radio star, but Brian says, no, it didn’t kill him, it made him look at what’s next and that’s the Internet. His dream has always been to have a Radio Station of his own, and through the power of the internet, that is now a reality.

is the love child of hard work, and was forged in the fire, stoked by others who didn’t believe. I have assembled an absolute Rock Star Team, and together “We are going to bring back the long lost ‘Rock N Roll Crown’ to the Cleveland area.” This team and this station are uniquely qualified to make that statement, because of our combined passion, knowledge, and unwillingness to bow to corporate giants. My passion is radio, I do it for you the listeners, and my friend… We’re just getting started.

You can contact Brian at [email protected].

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