Do you remember when radio stations had DJs who took calls from listeners and actually played their requests and dedications? When Radio stations played songs that weren’t in the regular rotation just because the DJ thought they sounded amazing, or Radio stations that invited listeners in for a show just to have a loud and crazy audience in studio? Do you remember when radio stations focused on what you, the listener really wanted to hear?

Well, it’s back! From the Rock ‘N’ Roll Capital of the World, Cleveland, Ohio, the city known for breaking bands, for bringing new talent to the world and, of course, well-known for the best listeners anywhere! We proudly say WELCOME TO WOLFROCKRADIO.COM!

We are radio completely by the listener and for the listener. True, there are streaming services, and you can get to hear what you want on them, but Robo Radio is sterile and has no soul. Wolf Rock Radio brings you live DJs that are as passionate about the music as you are, and we bring it with style!

Tune us in and turn up, then you’ll understand that Real Live Radio is back… and we’re here stay!

Brian J. Wolf
Owner WolfRockRadio.com

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