Steve Rains

The Southern Fried Rock Show

A little about myself, my name is Steven Rains I’m 49 years old and am a former entertainer of 30 yrs, I was a fiddler. Growing up in a musical family, my cousins and I, along with our family traveled all over West Texas performing at various festivals and church functions, I began performing at age five. It was truly a great way to grow up. I have 3 great kids, a son 28, and twins age 19.

As you may have imagined, music and entertainment are truly my life’s blood, I honestly the power of music has the ability to cure anything.  I’m very happy to become a part of the Wolf Rock Radio family and look forward to spending my time bringing you the very best programming I can, and maybe a lot of laughs along the way.

Where the music flows nd the friendships grow,  THE SILVERTUNGDEVIL