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Sunday Mellow Sunday

Have your morning coffee with a splash of Acoustic Rock!

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Sunday 9:00 am 10:00 am

Sunday Mellow Sunday

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Sunday Mellow Sunday is a weekly one hour show hosted by Rich Anselmo. Much more than just acoustic versions of songs, we take a lighter look at Rock from a stripped down to basics perspective. You will hear artists everyone is familiar with as well as talented independent artists, with info on their songs. That's every Sunday at 9 AM Eastern Time on

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Sunday Mellow Sunday crew

A veteran of radio and the music industry, Rich Anselmo hosts the Anselmo Experience on Besides radio, Rich has worked as a talent booker, music writer and held various jobs in the entertainment industry. Rich promises the experience will be entertaining, informative and of course - fun! Rich is excited to be part of the Wolf Rock Radio family. In his spare time Rich enjoys concerts, reading, the outdoors and socializing with friends.When not in his spare time he despises these activities. Join Rich on the Anselmo Experience Monday through Friday from 8-10 A.M. Eastern Time.