Jayce The Producer

After live streaming at my job at the FM radio station, I was seen by Eric Martin Koppelman. Eric saw me operating the board at WAFL-FM in Milford, Delaware. I was having a good time and Eric asked me if I wished to join him and “Calamity” Gina. I joined Kop and Calamity the next morning. I started by providing commentary and short stories about local news. When my assignment ended at the FM radio station, I continued with Kop and Calamity full time. I started at 7 A.M and just had a blast 5 days a week for the next 3 years. We rebranded the show into Kop and Crew and continued this for another year. I ran my own show on iRadiousa that entire time. The show was originally called “The Fun House” and took on the name “ The Shuffle” about a year later. Because of Eric, I have a studio in my house with mics, a board, 3 laptops and my passion for creation. I have continued making commercials, shows and interviewing people from CBS to survivors of plane crashes. I also talk to Public Information Officers and Firefighters in California. I have made a living from my passion for creation, entertainment, and information. Come enjoy The Shuffle, NOW ON SPOTIFY!